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The quick and easy way to start your own personal outdoor adventure in Switzerland.

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Rental equipment: just a few taps away!

With an extensive range of outdoor sports equipment including safety gear and clothing, swissrent has you covered. Regardless of your ability, or what time of year it is, we are your Skiing, Biking, Hiking and Climbing rental partner.

my swissrent – Why register?

Registering with a ‘my swissrent’ account makes renting with swissrent even easier. Benefits include: Hassle free future rentals, access to your account details at any time and the ability to add friends or family to your account.

As a special feature you are automatically enrolled in swissrents Rewards-Program ‘mountainmiles’, and credited with 200 welcome miles to redeem towards your next rental. Scan QR codes ‘in-store’ to collect more miles and compete in swissrent-Challenges.



swissrent Locations – where you want to be

Spread throughout the most beautiful regions of Switzerland, swissrent has a conveniently located Service-Champion to personally fit you with the highest quality sports equipment for your next outdoor adventure.

Connect to Strava

Already a Strava user and want to connect your ‘my swissrent’ account to your Strava account and benefit from swissrent’s Rewards Program mountainmiles? Then simply sign into your ‘my swissrent’ account in the swissrent-App and ‘Connect to Strava’ under your profile.

Then all that’s left to do is ‘move. collect. redeem’



swissrent-Challenges – compete against yourself

The swissrent Challenge is a fun and exciting, interactive outdoor sports adventure. The aim of the Challenge is to ride the route and scan all the QR codes along the way. 20 ‘mountainmiles’ are awarded for every scan, and additional ‘miles’ can be earned by connecting your ‘my swissrent’ account to Strava, using the new ‘Connect to Strava’ function in the swissrent App. Upon completing the Challenge, a badge will appear under your profile. Show this badge at your local swissrent #servicechampion and receive an on the spot giveaway!

Registration for the Challenge is free, either Online or in the swissrent App. Do you need to rent a bike for the Challenge? swissrent has got you covered by providing the latest in top-quality Mountainbikes and E-Mountainbikes. Are you up to the Challenge?